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We Offer The Best Ceylon Tea

green tea weight lossDinro S L (Pvt) Ltd’s wide range of teas are fresh and pure from the best Tea Gardens which produces the finest teas in the world, in the golden valley of the Central High Hills of ‘ Sri Lanka, in an elevation of around 1,400 meters, under the high grown category.

The High grown teas are known for their bright, coloury, brisk and aromatic liquors. High grown Ceylon tea do not share the dense , black colour of the quality low green leaf being browner in appearance, but have surpassed liquors ranging from light, bright golden colour to deep red.

The tea gardens, origins of ‘Dinro Teas’ are shrouded with Ozone friendly misty hills , waterfalls and virgin forests, which gives unique character to the tea and produced in strict compliance with the standards and safety measures of the internationally recognized certification bodies such as Rainforest Alliance, International Standards Organization (ISO 2200o:HACCP) and Ethical Tea Partnership, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) etc.,

Dinro Tea - Pure Ceylon Tea

imagesSri Lanka, formerly known as ‘Ceylon’ is world renown for its quality teas, for over 150 years, and exported to many countries across the globe since its introduction as a beverage in the 19th century.

The Teas produced in Sri Lanka cannot be emulated in terms of quality from other tea producing countries due to its regarded as an unique selling proportion, which is the greatest weapon for marketing ‘Pure Ceylon Tea’ World over.

Sri Lanka retains its position as the ‘Best in Class’ producer of quality tea, considered by the Technical Committee of the International Standards Organization (ISO) as the cleanest tea in the world.

Dinro Black Tea, Green Tea and flavoured tea brands are factory fresh, unblended and unique in character, aroma and has proven medicinal benefits.

Dinro Tea offers the following types of tea:

Black Tea - BOP, BOPF, OP, OP1, OPA, Pekoe, Pekoe1
White Tea - Golden Tips & Silver tips
Green Tea
Flavoured Green Tea - Mint, Lemon, Jasmine
Flavoured Tea - Strawberry ,Lavender, Peach, Lemon, Jasmin